The Culture festival “The Wave” 

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The regional Culture Festival “The Wave”, takes place from Saturday the 17th August – Saturday the 19th October 2013. The Cultural Festival “The Wave” is organized by the association, Kultursamarbejdet i Midt-& Vestjylland (the Cultural Collaboration in Central and Western Jutland), which constitute a co-operation between 6 municipalities, Lemvig, Struer, Holstebro, Ringkøbing-Skjern, Herning and Ikast-Brande, working together with 57 cultural organisation based in these 6 municipalities. 

It is the 3rd time that Kultursamarbejdet arranges such a mayor festival. The first was “Culture Festival, The Wind” in 2003 followed by “Culture Festival, The Dark in 2009. 

For 2 months in 2013, Central and Western Jutland are going to be an abundance of cultural highlights and activities under the common theme, “The Wave”. This time the festival will have an international dimension, where artists and cultural institutions participate and co-operate internationally. 

The specific issue for the festivals of Kultursamarbejdet is that they cross cultural genres, local boundaries, and this time also international borders. The many cultural activities are made from scratch in close co-operation between many different participants, both members of Kultursamarbejdet, but also cultural institutions, associations, artists, companies, schools, and others who are not members of Kultursamarbejdet. 

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