Project description Waves around us

In connection with the regional Culture Festival, The Wave, RemisenBrande organizes the project, “Waves around us”.
The project is going to happen during the period prior to the cultural festival and finalizing its activities with a final event, which is going to take place during the Culture Festival period.

A big co-operation project
The project, “Waves around us”, is going to be the biggest co-operation project in Ikast-Brande Municipality to this day. The project creates bridge-building activities between participants from different sectors of Ikast-Brande Municipality, such as: Schools, cultural institutions, companies, tourist information offices, sports institutions and local authorities.
Schools of all educational levels in Ikast-Brande Municipality participate. That is to say 5000 students from all 12 public schools, 10th grade schools, 4 private schools, the international school, and also 2 upper secondary educational schools.
The project’s theme is linked to the waves that surround us in our everyday lives. The theme can be understood literally or figuratively, and can, because of that, deal with concrete waves like sound waves and electrical waves from the cultural and scientific areas, or more abstract waves, such as economic “waves”, literary “wave” or trends and popular movements.

The project’s activities
There will be activities, covering the whole of Ikast-Brande Municipality in the school year 2012-2013. All schools work with the theme “Waves around us”, either with “individual assignments” or using the “entrepreneurial assignments”, which partners have formulated in the catalogue.
It is essential to the project and to each partner to assign relevant and important tasks, and that they use their own identity formulating the assignments. The project activities will culminate in April 2013 for last year students and in September 2013 for all others with a big event in RemisenBrande. The event will be held for a week and all participating students are invited to an exciting event, finalizing the project. The event will be a big fair, where culture and nature science meet in an innovative and exciting way. The event will bind the activities together crossing the boundaries of public and private organisations like schools, companies and institutions etc.

Future perspectives
The project, “Waves around us”, is expected to spread to other municipalities in Region Midtjylland in 2014-2015, as the project in Ikast-Brande Municipality will result in the creation of a model and a tool box, which can be used by other municipalities in the future.