The Entrepreneurship School

Since 2006 Ikast-Brande Municipality has worked with the project “The Entrepreneurship School” which aims too develop a culture in schools, the business life, among the trade unions and in the familiy that underlines that childrens education are based on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. In 2008 the municipality decided to make “The Entrepreneurship School” a main priority so that all schools in the municipality in time should become entrepreneurship schools. In 2010 the municipality decided that “The Entrepreneurship School” should be one of four main areas of focus for the city council period from 2010 – 2014.

About “The Entrepreneurship School”
The basic principles of the project are:

  • The school collaborates with the “surrounding” society
  • There is humans behind the product and process
  • That the assignments are relevant to the “surrounding” society of value to it
  • That there is a concrete aim of the assignment
  • That the Students are needed resources in the work

Long-term visions and goals

  • Business sector, culture, recreation area, family life, elementary school, secondary school and City Council experience
  • the project is valued by all and thus is important.
  • All schools in Brande Municipality works towards creating an entrepreneurial culture in the school
  • 95% of a class at college aims for and go through a tertiary education
  • The Entrepreneurship school helps to increase the number of new businesses and growth in existing businesses
  • Entrepreneurship as a concept of learning permeates daily life at school and it supports the recruitment of future skilled employees, managers and entrepreneurs.

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