The Final Event in RemisenBrande 

The project activities will culminate in a big event in RemisenBrande in the autumn of 2013, where students from all schools are invited to an exciting event, finalizing project “Waves around us”. Students, who have not participated, are also welcomed. Students don’t have to present something at the event to be able to benefit from it. It has no significance that student teams have advanced to a new year groups.

The event takes place in week of 39 from September 23rd to September 28th 2013. Kl. 09.00 - 13.00. From Monday to Friday, the event is open for students, teachers, and pedagogues. Saturday the event is open for parents and the general public. 

The event will be an exciting experience for the mind, focusing on education of the body and soul, and focusing on linking culture and science. The event will make bridges to project activities between schools, companies, and institutions across the municipality. The student projects, which are suitable for presentation and/or testing, will be shown at the event in agreement with all partners. The projects will be shown at individual booths at the event, crewed by students and/or RemisenBrande volonteers. As “Dansk Naturvidenskabsfestival” takes place in the same week in 2013, HTX has indicated that they will make part of their festival in RemisenBrande, celebrating the final event. They will establish an Exploratorium aimed at students. Every year, Dansk Naturvidenskabsfestival focuses on natural science, technology, and health in the whole country, and in 2013 the theme for the festival is “Energy for life”. 

Registration and contact 
You will get a separate invitation, send to your school leader, indicating the specific day for your school’s participation in the final event. Every school will communicate the number of students, who participate to RemisenBrande. Last entry date is 2. september.