Individual assignments

Guidance for teachers – self-elected courses


This page is a guide for the teachers, who wish to participate. 

Election of assignments 
As a teacher, you can choose to work with all entrepreneurial projects described in this project-catalog, or with an “individual assignment”, where you define a given problem. The only requirement for individual assignments is that it reflects to the theme “Waves around us”. The theme assumes that there are waves all around us al the time in music, in cooking, in the nature, in the physics world, and many other areas. Be inspired by keywords such as: historical waves, literary waves, economic waves, the waves of volonteering, the wave of healthiness, the waves in fashion, trends, streams, interference, breakwaters, tsunamis, new waves, ripples, pleated skirts, public movements, heat waves, to ride on a wave, the waves run high etc. Only the imagination sets limits. The actual solving of the assignment will have to occur during the school year 2012 – 2013, finalizing the work at a final event in week 39 in September 2013 in connection with Danish Science Week. Read more about the event HERE

If you have an idea to an individual assignment, please fill out the registration form. Be aware to fill out one form pr. student team. The same teacher can easily send multiple registration forms, provided that there are different student teams.  The registration form is requested to be sent as soon as possible and no later than Tuesday May 1st 2012 to or fax 97 18 10 09. 

The aim of project, “Waves around us”, to have student go thought educationsal processes. The result of the processes can be documented in a presentation if relevant in regard to the approach taken. You can choose to give the individual assignment an entrepreneurial twist by organizing the process in line with the entrepreneurial schools’ principals, and also involve some external co-operation partners, whom you will contact yourself. The projects that contain elements that can be tested or shown on the final event in September 2013 are able to be included in the event. It is not a requirement for an assignment, since good projects can also be relavant only to the participants involved. RemisenBrande will however determine which of the individual assignment will be part of the final event. All students will receive a diploma for their participation in the project “Waves around us”. 

Last year students 
An “Innovation Lab” is held at the “Festival of Research” in April 2013 for last year students who cannot participatein the final event. Read more about the  “Innovation Lab” and about registration

Project grant and financing 
RemisenBrande has established an “Idea- and innovation grant for development and free tests” for the schools doing project activities. The grant is earmarked to cover costs for materials relevant for the projects, prototypes and experiments. Please note that staff charges, fees and food are not supported. Submit a budget indicating the expected costs to Max. grant is 2000 kr. pr. student team. Subsidies are not to be taken for granted. 

Project leader Pia Stræde Palmelund, E-mail:, telephone: 97 18 09 09 / 24 88 00 88. Director at Remisen Brande Cultural- & Conference center 


Time schedule 
August 2012 – June 2013: Everybody works with the theme Waves around us
April 2013: Innovation Lab for final year students at the Festival of Research. Registration not later than February 1st 2013 at /  phone: 97180909
September 2013 (week 39): Final event at RemisenBrande / is held as a part of Danish Science Week