Pia Stræde Palmelund

Remisen Brande · Initiator

It is my pleasure to present the big project catalog of entrepreneurial courses, which is part of the co-operation project “Waves around us” taking place in Ikast-Brande municipality in the year 2012-2013.The project is part of the regional culture festival “The Wave” arranged by Foreningen Kul-tursamarbejdet i Midt- & Vestjylland (Association Cultural Co-Operation in Central and Western Jutland.As initiator for the project “Waves around us” I really appreciate the positive reception, which the project and I have received from all of you co-operation partners. I have had a wonderful meeting all of you while presenting the project at the schools.  All of your input and ideas are crucial for the final result presented in this material. Thank you!I hope you will find the assignments of this catalogue inspirering. I hope you will feel inspired by the many current themes and challenges, which the projects co-operation partners meet in their everyday life. The diversity of the assignments illustrate that the assign-ments relate to many different subject areas. On page 9 a detailed guide is presented to all of you, who wishes to be a part of a committed partnership about the solution of a task in the project catalog.  Here you find deadlines and other important information.For those of you who do not wish to participate in any of the entrepreneurial courses in the project catalogue, but have other ideas relating to the theme “Wawes around us” please refer to the pages 81 and 86. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and it’s going to be exciting to see how many partnerships and network will be created across the municipality. Let the wave roll – with all that implies. I hope to experience a lot of spindrifts and crests around the whole municipality in the coming school year!